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Vacationing with epilepsy

A couple of weeks ago, I went on vacation, a real vacation with the family in Greece just to relax and enjoy the sun. Going beyond the sunstroke (which was entirely my fault because I thought I didn’t need sun cream as I have a strong pigment and I get darker easily without being affected by the sun), a problem was that I had a seizure.

We stayed in a five-star resort with several buildings, each with 5-to-10 rooms and two floors (ground + first level). We stayed at the first floor in one of the building.
Moving on, with a 2-year old baby, we had a baby stroller that we needed to get up and down the stairs several times a day. One of these days, when getting ready to get it down the stairs, I had a seizure right on top, a person with epilepsy’s worst nightmare: falling down the stairs.

My questions about going on vacation and my answers for some of the them:

Q: Are you always scared of having a seizure on vacation?
A: Not anymore, as I’m not scared of having a seizure anywhere. I passed that stage after being diagnosed with epilepsy almost 20 years ago.

Q: Do you always take extra precautions even if they would ruin your vacation?
A: Not really, except being sure that I take my pills at regular intervals as I do at home.

Q: Do you go to the sea-side and just look at it because you’re afraid going into the water?
A: Well, I’m not afraid. I might be afraid sometimes, but that’s mostly because I don’t know how to swim.

Q: Do you go to the mountain size and get scared of having a seizure and falling?
A: Don’t know :). Almost all my vacations were to the sea, not on the mountain-side or similar to city trips. I mostly traveled for work in other countries, no fear there.

Other questions? Or answers to the questions above? Let me know.