About me

I’m Codrin and I write about epilepsy in my day-to-day life and more

This is my “I can’t remember what number” blog. I started blogging back in 2003 on Tripod (belongs to Lycos) and carried on with Blogger and WordPress. On I found the best place to share my thoughts.

What you can expect of me: after blogging for 14 years now, I realized that expectations are almost never met. If I would say that I will publish once or two per week, it wouldn’t be fair to you or to me. I don’t have a muse working for/with me.cropped-10946260333_750afde956_o.jpg

I activated WordAds just to see if my blog is interesting enough to make money with it. In six month, I got $3.84.

That’s me on the right, giving a speech at a conference in Berlin several years ago. I inserted it just to give you an idea of how I look like.
You can find my “Dealing with epilepsy” blog posts here.

You can take a peek at my “Old blog” here.

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