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Vacationing with epilepsy

A couple of weeks ago, I went on vacation, a real vacation with the family in Greece just to relax and enjoy the sun. Going beyond the sunstroke (which was entirely my fault because I thought I didn’t need sun cream as I have a strong pigment and I get darker easily without being affected by the sun), a problem was that I had a seizure.

We stayed in a five-star resort with several buildings, each with 5-to-10 rooms and two floors (ground + first level). We stayed at the first floor in one of the building.
Moving on, with a 2-year old baby, we had a baby stroller that we needed to get up and down the stairs several times a day. One of these days, when getting ready to get it down the stairs, I had a seizure right on top, a person with epilepsy’s worst nightmare: falling down the stairs. Continue reading “Vacationing with epilepsy”

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Epilepsy on vacation

It’s always interesting to go on vacation: the list-making, packing and unpacking, rushing to the airport, meeting relatives and friends and so on. Personally, I love the first two parts.

It’s even more interesting when you have epilepsy. You have to start your list with counting how many pills you need throughout the vacation, for the trip…and then add 10% to be safe. Continue reading “Epilepsy on vacation”

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How I avoided seizures

August 5th was an “interesting” day. I went on vacation with the family back home in Romania for about 1 month. You can take a month off when you are unemployed.

The first thing that we had to do is a passport for the baby. With some help from friends and family, we had a quick appointment at the passports service.

Immediately after this, I had a feeling. I started shivering, getting dizzy and it was difficult to stay on my feet. I took control back and avoided a seizure. I mentioned this in another article. It was a simple breathing and relaxation exercise. Continue reading “How I avoided seizures”

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#FrenchClass revival: vacation time

I haven’t written anything about my French class this week because…it’s vacation time. Here in Belgium this week is Carnival time (Mardi Gras today and more to come).

Courses will begin again next week and starting March 6th I`ll take my exams, four of them.