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How I avoided seizures

August 5th was an “interesting” day. I went on vacation with the family back home in Romania for about 1 month. You can take a month off when you are unemployed.

The first thing that we had to do is a passport for the baby. With some help from friends and family, we had a quick appointment at the passports service.

Immediately after this, I had a feeling. I started shivering, getting dizzy and it was difficult to stay on my feet. I took control back and avoided a seizure. I mentioned this in another article. It was a simple breathing and relaxation exercise.

The thing is that it happened again about 10 times (if not more) that day. Again and again, I did the same exercise, without anyone noticing. I looked a little weird afterwards, like my batteries were on empty, but that isn’t something that cannot be explained. We traveled for about two days to get home (by car, airplane, car, train, car) so fatigue might have been one reason.

The exercise is something like this for me:

  • if I can, I grab hard something near me: pillow, street pole, car handle, my backpack, anything works. Grab it, close your eyes and stop focusing.
  • Clear my mind: stop thinking of anything and I mean anything. I do this by focusing directly on the seizure and the next steps.
  • Take in a deep breath and keep it there for a few seconds. This help with the previous step. By doing this, the focus drops on that single breath.

That’s it for me.