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Vacationing with epilepsy

A couple of weeks ago, I went on vacation, a real vacation with the family in Greece just to relax and enjoy the sun. Going beyond the sunstroke (which was entirely my fault because I thought I didn’t need sun cream as I have a strong pigment and I get darker easily without being affected by the sun), a problem was that I had a seizure.

We stayed in a five-star resort with several buildings, each with 5-to-10 rooms and two floors (ground + first level). We stayed at the first floor in one of the building.
Moving on, with a 2-year old baby, we had a baby stroller that we needed to get up and down the stairs several times a day. One of these days, when getting ready to get it down the stairs, I had a seizure right on top, a person with epilepsy’s worst nightmare: falling down the stairs. Continue reading “Vacationing with epilepsy”

Dealing with epilepsy

Wishing to have a seizure is interesting

Back during my Bachelor studies, I had to seizures in the first semester: one in the IT lab and the other before my applied math exam. I think I already wrote about them, but anyway… I had two more colleagues (from a different specialization) who also had epilepsy and seizures in that first semester.

One of the things I realized is that some people are using their seizures to get their way through life. I witnessed someone faking a seizure (the aura part anyway) in order to pass an exam. Easy to say she passed the exam.

But, after discussions on epilepsy forums, I realized some people actually wish sometimes to have a seizure. I was curious why so I “studied” myself before and after a seizure. Continue reading “Wishing to have a seizure is interesting”

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How I avoided seizures

August 5th was an “interesting” day. I went on vacation with the family back home in Romania for about 1 month. You can take a month off when you are unemployed.

The first thing that we had to do is a passport for the baby. With some help from friends and family, we had a quick appointment at the passports service.

Immediately after this, I had a feeling. I started shivering, getting dizzy and it was difficult to stay on my feet. I took control back and avoided a seizure. I mentioned this in another article. It was a simple breathing and relaxation exercise. Continue reading “How I avoided seizures”

Dealing with epilepsy

I liked my “seizures at home” period as an adolescent

As I had my first seizure in 1999 and was officially diagnosed with epilepsy in 2000, I can say that I was in the middle of my adolescence when those things happened.

My mother, sister and myself lived in a 2-bedroom apartment (plus a huge living room) of about 70 sqm (750 square foot). But we all bundled up in one bedroom because that was better. We watched movies every night and had a laugh.  Continue reading “I liked my “seizures at home” period as an adolescent”

Dealing with epilepsy

My “favorite” seizure: epilepsy at work

My first job, back in 2008, was in consultancy. To be more precise, I wrote project proposals that helped private/public sector entities to get European funding. My second job was the same.

The field is an extremely tiresome and stressful. It was a job where the smallest mistake could have cause a project to be successful or rejected.

During the one year, I spent in the second company, I had a seizure at work. It came after a few long days, a week or so before a project submission deadline. But my colleague and bosses were great. Continue reading “My “favorite” seizure: epilepsy at work”