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Oh! the humanity: Motivated by other people`s drama in movies and songs

I had my last exam for the intermediary course in French. My final test was the verbal expression this Tuesday. It was nice. Easy to describe subject, but, of course, my French wasn’t too good (still have a lot to learn). I had to describe the last movie I saw and tell why did I like or dislike it. I lied a bit. The last movie I saw was Mad Max: Fury Road. Not to easy to describe I would say…and the original with Mel Gibson was much better. Anyway, I describe an all time favorite: The Pianist (with Adrien Brody). I watched, so far, 8 times (out of which 3 times in the same weekend). YOU REALLY NEED TO READ MORE

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#FrenchClass revival A new start after the results

Last Friday I received my exam results: passed it. It could have been better, but, after 5 years without taking exams, it was “good enough”.

"I got an 'A' star in limited prospects."

Yesterday (Monday) I started the new module of the class. It`s interesting going more in-depth and finding out a lot of new stuff. It was a nice class with a few new colleagues.

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#FrenchClass revival: vacation time

I haven’t written anything about my French class this week because…it’s vacation time. Here in Belgium this week is Carnival time (Mardi Gras today and more to come).

Courses will begin again next week and starting March 6th I`ll take my exams, four of them.

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#FrenchClass revival: checking other countries

Due to personal reasons, yesterday I had to leave two hours earlier from my French course. Today I looked at the others and the teacher as if they were talking another language. They were, but that`s not the point. I had no idea what they were talking about as most of what we learn is done in the last two hours (out of four).

But, through a very carefully constructed exercise, I was able to get back on track. We did a group exercise. Four people in each group, each of them telling the others what their country is like in terms of time and space (aka school time and vacation, work time, open time in stores etc.).

From what I got, here is what I can share: READ MORE!

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#FrenchClass revival: the games

My French class isn’t your ordinary “teacher talks, students listen”. Most of the time of¬†those 4 hours/day is spent playing. And I don’t mean playing PS or Xbox video games.

We’re playing “icebreakers” (let`s put them in that category).

Here is an example. Pushing benches aside and making room in the middle of the class for everyone, we played a little game relating our likes and dislikes and discussing them. With five circles drawn in the middle, we were asked to tell others if we hate or adore something like politics, the cold or Belgium.

The most interesting responses came regarding politics. Out of 17 students (+ the teacher), 17 people said they HATE politics and political debates. Guess who said he loves politics?! YOU SHOULD REALLY READ MORE!