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Oh! the humanity: Motivated by other people`s drama in movies and songs

I had my last exam for the intermediary course in French. My final test was the verbal expression this Tuesday. It was nice. Easy to describe subject, but, of course, my French wasn’t too good (still have a lot to learn). I had to describe the last movie I saw and tell why did I like or dislike it. I lied a bit. The last movie I saw was Mad Max: Fury Road. Not to easy to describe I would say…and the original with Mel Gibson was much better. Anyway, I describe an all time favorite: The Pianist (with Adrien Brody). I watched, so far, 8 times (out of which 3 times in the same weekend). While speaking with the teacher, I said something that I didn`t realise. I said that, for me, it is a motivational movie. I left here and a colleague looking at me in amazement. I did realize after (they asked me why) that I find motivation in the strangest places such as The Pianist, Phil Collins – Another day in paradise or other similar movies/songs. I guess I’m weird. When I see someone suffering, I wish to myself that I will do anything to not let that happen to me or those close to me. For my favorite scene in the Pianist, I could find a video. It is the scene in the apartment when he imagines singing at the piano from the apartment. Let’s name it “ghost playing”. Below my second favorite scene from the movie.