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Oh! the humanity: Motivated by other people`s drama in movies and songs

I had my last exam for the intermediary course in French. My final test was the verbal expression this Tuesday. It was nice. Easy to describe subject, but, of course, my French wasn’t too good (still have a lot to learn). I had to describe the last movie I saw and tell why did I like or dislike it. I lied a bit. The last movie I saw was Mad Max: Fury Road. Not to easy to describe I would say…and the original with Mel Gibson was much better. Anyway, I describe an all time favorite: The Pianist (with Adrien Brody). I watched, so far, 8 times (out of which 3 times in the same weekend). YOU REALLY NEED TO READ MORE

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This is something new for me

At the beginning of the year, as I wrote on this blog, I started French classes. Mainly because I was unemployed and needed something to do in the meantime. It`s been 4 months now since I started.

But what I am trying to say (and it seems that I get mixed up in doing this) is that I liked these 4 months. Mostly because of the people. We laughed a lot, copied from one another and got to know each other a bit.


I’m writing this because I wanted to post a photo we took today in class and didn’t want to simply post it on Facebook or here :).

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#FrenchClass revival A new start after the results

Last Friday I received my exam results: passed it. It could have been better, but, after 5 years without taking exams, it was “good enough”.

"I got an 'A' star in limited prospects."

Yesterday (Monday) I started the new module of the class. It`s interesting going more in-depth and finding out a lot of new stuff. It was a nice class with a few new colleagues.

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Une explication à propos de Greg

Greg est un mec génial. Il est bon en tout, mais mal à tout faire en même temps.

Il a une bonne éducation, mais parce qu’il est si grand qu’il ne peut pas trouver un emploi.

Il avait beaucoup d’emplois dans tous les types d’organisations liées à l’agriculture. Il a été conseiller d’un ministre et il a travaillé dans la recherche au sein d’une université à l’étranger.

Toute cette expérience professionnelle ne lui permet pas de trouver un bon travail. En fait, il ne peut pas trouver un emploi décent.

Il a travaillé fort toute sa vie, se construit en quelque chose qu’il est fier et se considère chanceux.normal_is_overrated_calendar_print

Greg est fictif.

P.S. C’était l`article de blog en français que j’ai promis au début de mes cours de français. Il y aura d’autres à venir.

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#FrenchClass revival Exams are fast approaching

At the end of this week, the exams for the French course will begin. Four tests: written and oral comprehension and written and oral expression (eloquence let`s say).

I haven’t really studied at home yet. I just read the files that my wife put together last year when she took the same class. I’ve also studied a bit during that week of holidays (the Mardi Gras week), working on my conjugations and other small things that matter (how to tell the genre of a word, the adverbs most used etc.).

I love writing texts in French, even if they’re full of mistakes. I love finishing first in each exercise in the classroom. It`s possible that this might be the reason of the grammar mistakes that I make over and over (mainly terminations of word for different times of different verbs).

But I am looking forward for the exams. It`s been a while since I took my last exam (2010 or 2011 if I remember?!). It will be a treat.