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#FrenchClass revival Exams are fast approaching

At the end of this week, the exams for the French course will begin. Four tests: written and oral comprehension and written and oral expression (eloquence let`s say).

I haven’t really studied at home yet. I just read the files that my wife put together last year when she took the same class. I’ve also studied a bit during that week of holidays (the Mardi Gras week), working on my conjugations and other small things that matter (how to tell the genre of a word, the adverbs most used etc.).

I love writing texts in French, even if they’re full of mistakes. I love finishing first in each exercise in the classroom. It`s possible that this might be the reason of the grammar mistakes that I make over and over (mainly terminations of word for different times of different verbs).

But I am looking forward for the exams. It`s been a while since I took my last exam (2010 or 2011 if I remember?!). It will be a treat.