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Electric Sunday – yet again

Yesterday, April 8th.

Electric shock sensation throughout the day, ranging from small shocks in my head and chest to full shocks from my head to the soles of my feet. It was horrific.

In the afternoon, I had 3 (perhaps 4) seizures at about half an hour – an hour between them. Not really complex, I didn’t lose consciousness, but I was absent most of the day, while dozing off from time to time.

It seemed like my body was getting ready for something “big”.

Seizures: one of them was in the bathroom – I fell with head under the radiator and banged it several time on it. My head is a bit swollen from place to place. During another one, I bit my upper lip pretty hard and right now I can eat just a few things without hurting me.

A possible 4th seizure of which I am unsure might have happened when I was alone at home. I remember waking up next to the couch, trying to get up, but unable to.

P.S. My neurologist didn’t yet reply after my “Electric Saturday“. I wrote to him again a few minutes ago asking for an emergency consult. My wife also scheduled me for a season of cellular re-information (Tuesday – April 10th) and one of homeopathic healing (Wednesday – April 11th).

I’ll keep you informed on how that goes.