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How is education influenced by epilepsy?

I’m part of a few epilepsy awareness and support groups on Facebook and there are a few topics which keep popping up in discussions, one being education. People are asking if they were discriminated during school, if they were prohibited for entering school (mostly college and higher), if and if and if… I’m going to talk a bit about my experience. I went to an agricultural high school, followed by a similar university where I did my BSc, MSc and PhD….yes, that’s right..PhD. It took me 12 years from the start of high school until I got my PhD, that being the normal period for anyone (4y in high school + 5y BSc + 1.5 y MSc + 3y PhD => the MSc and PhD were done at the same time). Was I discriminated? NO. Did it help with getting higher grades? NO. 99% of the professors didn’t know I had epilepsy, except for the two (math & IT) who saw me seize and 1-2 which later (during PhD) became my friends. Did it help “getting the girls”? Definitely NOT. 99.9% of them were scared off when they heard. My wife didn’t :). Did it influence your relationship with friends? YES. It would have been weird not to. To simply put it, my friends stood by me when I needed it the most. Did it influence myself in a good/bad way? YES. First of all, it pushed me forward to be better. Secondly, made me more shy. But it wasn’t an issue, as I have always been an introvert, even before having my first seizure. EPILEPSY SHOULD NOT INFLUENCE EPILEPSY.