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Vacationing with epilepsy

A couple of weeks ago, I went on vacation, a real vacation with the family in Greece just to relax and enjoy the sun. Going beyond the sunstroke (which was entirely my fault because I thought I didn’t need sun cream as I have a strong pigment and I get darker easily without being affected by the sun), a problem was that I had a seizure.

We stayed in a five-star resort with several buildings, each with 5-to-10 rooms and two floors (ground + first level). We stayed at the first floor in one of the building.
Moving on, with a 2-year old baby, we had a baby stroller that we needed to get up and down the stairs several times a day. One of these days, when getting ready to get it down the stairs, I had a seizure right on top, a person with epilepsy’s worst nightmare: falling down the stairs. Continue reading “Vacationing with epilepsy”

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#GettingPersonal The job description

I’ve thought a bit before choosing the category for this article. It was between #CareerCounseling and #GettingPersonal. I chose the latter.

My grandparents, and many other people who started working in the 60`s, 70`s, have told me how easy it was to get a job. There were lots of jobs and very few people to occupy them. It was enough to go into a factory/store (or anywhere else), ask for a job and get it.

In the past few years, I applied to quite a few jobs and I`ve read lots of job descriptions.

What surprises me all the time is that employers ask for stuff that are completely unreal.  READ SOME SURPRISING JOB DESCRIPTIONS!

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#GettingPersonal: past or future decisions

There comes a time in a person`s life when he realizes that they totally screwed up a decision in the past. And that decision haunts him now. There are two ways in which a normal person reacts.

1. “The past is the past” – this is the most common. People say that a decision in the past cannot be changed so we now live in the present and look only towards the future.

2. “I don’t care” – this is the new style way. I took the decision, I don’t care anymore about it or if it was good or bad. DEFINITELY READ MORE!

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#GettingPersonal “You will be missed”

In the past few years, I had lots of projects, some more interesting than others.

Usually, when I feel my work there is done, I say my goodbyes and start a new project. Other times, something weird happens and bit by bit I fall out of it, not by wish or by accident.

Then I hear some famous words that make me laugh: “You will be missed”.gone-but-not-forgotten

People usually say this thing as a way of saying “Sorry to see you go, but, well, that`s it. We`ll forget you soon enough”. What`s funny is that I heard this expression being using in movies (or real life) many times before, but usually written on a head stone or said at a funeral.

It might take a similar form, but it`s the same. You will be missed = You will be remembered = …..