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Provisional results of the #HelpGreg campaign – Day 3

It has been three days since I started this campaign to #HelpGreg get a job.

This is just a caricature. He`s not the real Greg
This is just a caricature. He`s not the real Greg

But the results are not showing. Here are the temporary results after 3 days of work:

  • 18 emails;
  • 24 Facebook private messages;
  • 12 LinkedIn messages;
  • 5 Twitter private messages.

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Let`s #HelpGreg get a job

I’ve written about Greg for more than a year now, about his education and experience, his advices to young people, but, mostly, about his struggles to find a new job.

He has been unemployed for almost a year and a half, even if he has a great resume and a lot of friends which could help him, but…

After weeks of debates, I have decided to ask you, my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn friends and blog readers, for your help in getting Greg a job...or, at least, job interviews. So, if you know someone that might be interested in Greg, let me know.

This is just a caricature. He`s not the real Greg
This is just a caricature. He`s not the real Greg

Now, let’s go through Greg‘s resume. Continue reading “Let`s #HelpGreg get a job”

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Retweets not endorsements. Really?!

Since I opened my Twitter account several years ago, but especially in the past year, I often saw the phrase “Retweets are not endorsements”. So why do people (and especially organizations) mention this in their Twitter profile? Continue reading “Retweets not endorsements. Really?!”

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Academia #2: Food scarcity as a trigger for civil unrest

In its most basic definition, a “food riot” is defined as an expression of competing claims over a limited food supply. A complete definition of “food riot” must consider both the economic and social aspects, while also including the political issues in its analysis.marsden-iran-twitter72Food riots often occur if there is a shortage or an unequal distribution of food. Usually, these are caused by food prices rises, insufficient storage facilities, food speculation,transport problems, hoarding, poisoning of food or pests attacks, weather related factors or many other factors. READ MORE HERE
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Why should I use social media for food security?

In the past few weeks, I have worked on … something different from what I normally do. Although social media data mining is use widely in almost every field, I thought I would try a different approach.

My idea was to see if I can collect real-time data and process it, while also forecast, based on keywords, hashtags and expressions, the next food scarcity hot spot (at local level). Continue reading “Why should I use social media for food security?”