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Provisional results of the #HelpGreg campaign – Day 3

It has been three days since I started this campaign to #HelpGreg get a job.

This is just a caricature. He`s not the real Greg
This is just a caricature. He`s not the real Greg

But the results are not showing. Here are the temporary results after 3 days of work:

  • 18 emails;
  • 24 Facebook private messages;
  • 12 LinkedIn messages;
  • 5 Twitter private messages.

These include the messages that I mentioned from Day 1. Things seem to get worse and worse. Greg didn`t receive any other job offer, but he didn`t get some leads.

A surprise came. Someone contacted Greg directly. It seems that some people know who Greg really is. I`m wondering how many people know.

It the meantime, please keep sharing this link: #HelpGreg. You can do it via email, social networks or even word-of-mouth.

I did yesterday something that, officially, you are not supposed to: I emailed my entire contacts list (about 1200 persons). It wasn`t mass email, but, in any case, I hope it will not get me blacklisted.