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A “fragmented” CV for the real me

A good friend recently told me that recruiters and companies are afraid of hiring me because I`ve done too much and too little at the same time, and my CV makes them believe that either I haven`t decided yet what to do with life or that I am always on the lookout for new positions. Continue reading “A “fragmented” CV for the real me”

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The minister and the diploma

The GCARD 2 was, for me, the best conference that I`ve attended. Big crowd of professionals from my field, great group of young professionals, good speeches with interesting and controversial topics to discuss after… It all led to a beautiful, dreamy-like gathering where, if you think about it, young professionals were on the center stage.

We got to interview high level decision makers; we`ve provided some in-depth news, live from the conference via our social media team; we`ve convince people, through our interventions in different sessions, that youth should be a key focus in every discussion regarding agriculture and how to feed the world. More about youth

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Back in 2012, the GCARD 2 (2nd Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development) took place in Punta del Este, Uruguay. I had the opportunity to attend it.

My role there was simple: I attended as an EFARD and a YPARD member. As a member of EFARD, I needed to attend a 2 hours board meeting (in a week). As a YPARD member, I attended a social media training given by Peter Casier and became a Social Reporter, blogging and tweeting from the conference. It was the first time (from a lot of…) when I passed my daily tweeting limit (in just one hour) and needed to cool down and wait for it to pass. Continue reading “YPARD at GCARD2”

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Tweeting my Facebook!

I had the opportunity during the summer to go to Beijing for the 2nd YPARD China Conference. It was a weeklong trip, got to see some tourist sites (although I`m not really the touristy type), meet some great people and reconnect with others.

I gave a few speeches, had meetings with a few Heads of CAAS (the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences). But the best part of my trip wasn`t either of these. It was the social media training that I was asked to give to the YPARD China team.

There are a few differences between what social media means in China and what does it mean in the rest of the world. If you can`t connect through a VPN, you don`t have access to major networks like Facebook for example. But similarities exist and I did my best to find and explain them properly. Add it goes on

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What @LinkedIn does NOT have!

I read almost on a daily basis how great LinkedIn is: in connecting people, in getting you that next job or giving you the information that you need through groups.

But, as always, not all things are good.

I first joined LinkedIn in October 2006 and I used to simply search for jobs. This was in my early social media years (if you don`t take Hi5 into account) before I received my Bachelor and before learning how to use social media properly. Continue reading “What @LinkedIn does NOT have!”