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A “fragmented” CV for the real me

A good friend recently told me that recruiters and companies are afraid of hiring me because I`ve done too much and too little at the same time, and my CV makes them believe that either I haven`t decided yet what to do with life or that I am always on the lookout for new positions.

Well, she`s a bit right. Since high school, I always did at least two things at the same time. I freelanced, volunteered with NGOs, studied (on the side), done research or worked with international networks. Of course, these activities were all free. Whether or not I had a job at the time was not important. I enjoy being challenged and keeping my mind busy, as sometimes I do the job faster than other people.

My personal library has books on everything from learning English to project management and agricultural policies. In my teen years, I studied logics, psychology, philosophy, history just for the fun of it. I thought myself HTML and Photoshop (at an intermediate level) because it was challenging.

But it seems that now this part of my personality is getting me into trouble. I had recruiters and heads of organizations calling me to come to a meeting just to talk to me because they considered me a very interesting person.

Here is the real me

My Twitter and LinkedIn profiles tell you that I am a “researcher, social media geek, writer, strategist, communicator, policy maker”. All these sound very confusing, I admit it. I currently work in research, but I also work on social media professionally as part of a big team of volunteers. I created strategies for communities and organizations, and I was in policy making. Well, this sounds good to me, but those working in a niche environment might not see what I see.

My “fragmented” CV that shows that I have worked for just a few months or a year in different organizations really says that I am undecided. I am NOT.

My “fragmented” CV also shows one other thing: all work, education and volunteering that I did is related to agriculture. From high school to PhD, from working in EU funding consultancy to working on social media, it was all in the agricultural sector.

I worked (almost) on the entire agricultural value chain.

The real me is a person that loves agriculture and would do anything to see it blossom. I would mentor/train young professionals, build networks to help organizations develop or create policy proposals to help them deliver their products to customers easier. I would manage project internally and externally and communicate the results to the world to make people understand the importance of agriculture.

And I would do this from a single position. Whether I would work in R&D, Corporate Affairs, Regulatory Affairs or Communications, I will aid other departments also in delivering results.

I can make companies like Cargill, Syngenta, Apple or Microsoft more sustainable or help organizations like Google, Monsanto or BASF Agro develop better products and services.

I am a specialized person with skills in niche environments who can also clearly understand the needs of other fields/departments and help them reach their objectives.

From listening to Rage Against the Machine to relax and to classical music to enhance my work, from watching movies like Good Will Hunting to relax or the Gladiator to meditate, I am a person with many qualities, but also with weaknesses.

Right now, I just want to turn those meetings with recruiters or heads of organizations into mutually beneficial meetings.

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  1. I love it…you’re so direct and concrete. It’s amazing. U clearly have very high writing skills. I would have wrote a lot around the subject, but u know exactly what to say and what is important in an article. 🙂


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