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Start my start-up

In the past few months, since my professional activity “slowed down”, a lot of thoughts have crossed my mind. I was thinking what my next job will be, what my future will look like if I took a job, if I don`t take a job.

A cartoon version of me now!

But one of the recurring thoughts was that of going solo. I thought about becoming an entrepreneur. I had no idea what to do (until a few hours ago) or how to get the funds to do it.

I did an assessment of my skills and knowledge inside my head, eliminated the things that I only thought I was good at (and a few others to be sure) and remained with a few things that, if combined, would do a great business if I can get enough funds and a couple of people with me.

The idea is coming from the socio-economic sciences part and would be an interesting addition to a (big) company`s internal support for its employees and a better integration of new employees or training future possible employees.

For possible funders, a more detailed idea will be available in the near future. For possible “anything else”, a few more details will appear in future blog posts.