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First day of French

I had today my first French class after over 12 year. When I was younger, I studied it for 11 years, from primary school to the end of high school. I think that I was pretty good at it, but not speaking it since 2003 may have damaged my ability of speaking fluently and decreased my knowledge of French grammar.

Last Monday I took a test and I was assigned to a UF3 level class at IEPSCF Namur. The levels here are from 1 to 7, with two more (UFDA and UFDB) for absolute beginners.6a00d8341d417153ef010534d6e12c970c

It was an interesting first day, meeting my colleagues from all over the world, although I haven’t really spoken with any of them. I`m a bit shy in such occasions. I prefer professional networking instead of socializing with friends.

From now on, four days a week, four hours per day, I`ll work on improving my French. Wish me luck :).