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#FrenchClass revival: the games

My French class isn’t your ordinary “teacher talks, students listen”. Most of the time of those 4 hours/day is spent playing. And I don’t mean playing PS or Xbox video games.

We’re playing “icebreakers” (let`s put them in that category).

Here is an example. Pushing benches aside and making room in the middle of the class for everyone, we played a little game relating our likes and dislikes and discussing them. With five circles drawn in the middle, we were asked to tell others if we hate or adore something like politics, the cold or Belgium.

The most interesting responses came regarding politics. Out of 17 students (+ the teacher), 17 people said they HATE politics and political debates. Guess who said he loves politics?! YOU SHOULD REALLY READ MORE!

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#FrenchClass revival: the longest trip

For French class today, I had to write a 1-page text about my longest trip ever. As I travelled a lot in the past 4-5 years, I had a wide selection to choose from. I chose my trip (for a job interview) to Bogor, Indonesia.

Bogor is an odd town with poor sections that intertwine with the new, flashy parts. But the city is still great.

But my story wasn’t about Bogor or Indonesia. I talked about the road to Bogor.

An 8 hours connection in Istanbul, instead of the official 6 hours.

The young couple with a baby boy (it wore blue so….misconception) that sat beside me in a full plane. Of course, the baby cried for 75% of the 13 hours flight.

The high humidity (80-90%)  that complemented the high temperatures. And I wore a suit: pants, shirt, tie etc. You get the picture.

All these were in my story. I`m wondering what the teacher will say tomorrow.

P.S.: I didn’t get the job.

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#FrenchClass revival: 2nd episode

The French classes that I am taking are great. Beside that my grammar is bad, but improving, they allow me to do something else: to write. I know that blogging is also writing, but the texts that we are supposed to write as homework (adults can also have homework) are better.

These texts allow me to write what I can`t write on this blog. Those things would be too boring. And I am learning how to keep my articles short (1 A5 page).

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The #FrenchClass revival

It`s been a few days since I wrote my last article. But I promise I`ll make it up.

I started my French classes two weeks ago. I was reticent in the beginning, but now I`m happy I started. I have some interesting colleagues and the professor is … well, cool.6a00d8341d417153ef0120a52d9060970b

Yesterday we took the first test, with promises for many more in the weeks to come. The results I got today confirmed what I knew. The thing that I`m worst at is the grammar. It`s been over 10 years since I last studied and used it so the thing I need to do now is to really start studying.

I`ll update as often as I can, with an article in French at the end of the month (the exams are in early March). Wish me luck :)!

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First day of French

I had today my first French class after over 12 year. When I was younger, I studied it for 11 years, from primary school to the end of high school. I think that I was pretty good at it, but not speaking it since 2003 may have damaged my ability of speaking fluently and decreased my knowledge of French grammar.

Last Monday I took a test and I was assigned to a UF3 level class at IEPSCF Namur. The levels here are from 1 to 7, with two more (UFDA and UFDB) for absolute beginners.6a00d8341d417153ef010534d6e12c970c

It was an interesting first day, meeting my colleagues from all over the world, although I haven’t really spoken with any of them. I`m a bit shy in such occasions. I prefer professional networking instead of socializing with friends.

From now on, four days a week, four hours per day, I`ll work on improving my French. Wish me luck :).