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#FrenchClass revival: the longest trip

For French class today, I had to write a 1-page text about my longest trip ever. As I travelled a lot in the past 4-5 years, I had a wide selection to choose from. I chose my trip (for a job interview) to Bogor, Indonesia.

Bogor is an odd town with poor sections that intertwine with the new, flashy parts. But the city is still great.

But my story wasn’t about Bogor or Indonesia. I talked about the road to Bogor.

An 8 hours connection in Istanbul, instead of the official 6 hours.

The young couple with a baby boy (it wore blue so….misconception) that sat beside me in a full plane. Of course, the baby cried for 75% of the 13 hours flight.

The high humidity (80-90%)  that complemented the high temperatures. And I wore a suit: pants, shirt, tie etc. You get the picture.

All these were in my story. I`m wondering what the teacher will say tomorrow.

P.S.: I didn’t get the job.