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The #FrenchClass revival

It`s been a few days since I wrote my last article. But I promise I`ll make it up.

I started my French classes two weeks ago. I was reticent in the beginning, but now I`m happy I started. I have some interesting colleagues and the professor is … well, cool.6a00d8341d417153ef0120a52d9060970b

Yesterday we took the first test, with promises for many more in the weeks to come. The results I got today confirmed what I knew. The thing that I`m worst at is the grammar. It`s been over 10 years since I last studied and used it so the thing I need to do now is to really start studying.

I`ll update as often as I can, with an article in French at the end of the month (the exams are in early March). Wish me luck :)!