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Let`s #HelpGreg get a job

I’ve written about Greg for more than a year now, about his education and experience, his advices to young people, but, mostly, about his struggles to find a new job.

He has been unemployed for almost a year and a half, even if he has a great resume and a lot of friends which could help him, but…

After weeks of debates, I have decided to ask you, my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn friends and blog readers, for your help in getting Greg a job...or, at least, job interviews. So, if you know someone that might be interested in Greg, let me know.

This is just a caricature. He`s not the real Greg
This is just a caricature. He`s not the real Greg

Now, let’s go through Greg‘s resume.

On the surface, his resume is just like mine.

Greg has an education in agronomy, but, after years of studies, he specialized in agri-economics and policies. He worked, let me count, for approximately 65 months on all things related to agriculture: from policy making to consultancy and research and to project development and management.

Greg speaks three languages and has some awesome computer skills. He knows how to use economic modeling and policy analysis software. If there is a piece of software that an employer needs and he doesn’t know how to use it, Greg will do everything that he is capable of to learn it before work starts.

In terms of personal attributes, Greg is extremely different from me. He takes calculated chances on the job, striving for perfection. His risk taking can bring out new ideas in a project that weren’t there before.

This might sound annoying to some, but why should you settle for less when you can do much more?!?

Greg has good communication skills, especially when it comes down to speaking about the small details inside a project.

As someone can see in this short description I made, Greg is a young specialist in agri-economics, with years of experience and in-depth knowledge of related areas.

It should be easy for him to get a job, right? Well, it isn’t. It’s great when you are specialized in something, but when you are highly specialized..well, that’s when things get hard.

I can’t give you Greg’s CV yet. I believe I can give, to those interested in helping, a version without any personal data in it….Greg likes privacy too :-).

P.S. Greg is looking for either permanent or contract work. Contact me (a comment here, an email or a message on social media for any leads). For those that have or can get hold of my telephone number, a call is good too.

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