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Career counselling #14: Should Greg still apply?

Greg has now 16 months since he`s been unemployed. He scoured the seven seas, searching for four-leafs clovers and ran after a leprechaun to kiss him. All these just to get a job.

He applied to highly specialized jobs for which he had the perfect resume and he was thinking of sales positions, teaching or any kind of other jobs that could bring him more money than his unemployment aid.

Credits: Shutterstock
Credits: Shutterstock

Greg applied to jobs all across the world. He had interviews in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and a few other countries. But now things get interesting. He had interviews for jobs for which he was a perfect match and jobs where he would have done a great job.

But no luck.

After such a long time, the financial reserves are also gone, making relocation to another country a bit more difficult.

In academia, if you are now a full professor or internationally recognized researcher, relocation packages are not offered. There are a few exceptions: CGIAR Research Centers, UN University, Ivy League universities and a few others across the world.

In the private sector, for entry to mid-level jobs, relocation packages do not exist. Of course, there are exceptions here too.

So what do you believe should Greg do?

Should Greg keep applying for jobs all over the world or apply- just in-country? Or within a distance that would allow him to do the shuttle?