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#HelpGreg at an end

It`s been a little more than two weeks since I started the #HelpGreg campaign. It has now come to an end.

No, Greg did not get a job offer. He has to continue to search and apply to any opportunity that might arise. I am giving him a help in redesigning his CVs and cover letters.

But here are the results of our little campaign.

This is just a caricature. He`s not the real Greg
This is just a caricature. He`s not the real Greg
  • 22 emails;
  • 39 Facebook private messages;
  • 19 LinkedIn messages;
  • 8 Twitter private messages.

The majority were regarding Greg`s identity. Only one interview invitation, but that across the world with reimbursement of travel expenses and no possibility of doing the interview via phone or Skype. Continue reading “#HelpGreg at an end”

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Career counselling #14: Should Greg still apply?

Greg has now 16 months since he`s been unemployed. He scoured the seven seas, searching for four-leafs clovers and ran after a leprechaun to kiss him. All these just to get a job.

He applied to highly specialized jobs for which he had the perfect resume and he was thinking of sales positions, teaching or any kind of other jobs that could bring him more money than his unemployment aid.

Credits: Shutterstock
Credits: Shutterstock

Greg applied to jobs all across the world. He had interviews in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and a few other countries. But now things get interesting. He had interviews for jobs for which he was a perfect match and jobs where he would have done a great job. Continue reading “Career counselling #14: Should Greg still apply?”

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Career counseling #9: Greg`s offers

Another crossroad in the life of a graduate or that of an unemployed person is receiving the offer. You smile, scream and say that you`re saved.

But what happens when you receive two (or more) offers? In Greg`s case, the problem was that he had to choose between a well-paid, but meaningless, hateful job and a job that he would love, but with far less money. After months of receiving unemployment aid and barely able to surface, he had a very tough choice ahead.

Greg thought about it, weighing advantages and disadvantages, creating SWOTs and everything that a person who has a choice in front of it will do. READ MORE!