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#HelpGreg at an end

It`s been a little more than two weeks since I started the #HelpGreg campaign. It has now come to an end.

No, Greg did not get a job offer. He has to continue to search and apply to any opportunity that might arise. I am giving him a help in redesigning his CVs and cover letters.

But here are the results of our little campaign.

This is just a caricature. He`s not the real Greg
This is just a caricature. He`s not the real Greg
  • 22 emails;
  • 39 Facebook private messages;
  • 19 LinkedIn messages;
  • 8 Twitter private messages.

The majority were regarding Greg`s identity. Only one interview invitation, but that across the world with reimbursement of travel expenses and no possibility of doing the interview via phone or Skype.

Here is how people helped.

The first blog post in the campaign was blogged by 18 bloggers through 29 articles. I shared the blog posts in all my LinkedIn group (30) and my Facebook groups (14). I shared it also via Twitter, Academia and a few other networks.

The post was reshared by about 120 people (don`t know the exact number) on LinkedIn and the original post got 132 likes and 14 shares.

On Twitter, it was retweeted only 11 times.

It featured in 43 editions of different newspapers.

All these didn`t help. But I would like to thank you all for your help. Greg thanks you also.

P.S.: If there is anyone interested in offering Greg a chance, please contact me.