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Career counseling #16: Dictator or role model

I saw a few days ago an article on Facebook and, because the subject looked interesting, I clicked. The title said something like “the diabolical questions that CEO`s ask during interviews”.

You know already that there are thousands of articles like this online. But I read it anyway. These were actually questions from CEOs of startups or vice presidents in some multinationals I never heard of. I should have guessed.

But there was a question that was unique: “would you prefer to be God or the devil?”. The author didn’t mention any responses, but it was still intriguing.

In my opinion, during an interview, a question that I would ask would be: do you to be a dictator or a role model inside the team that you will lead?. As we all know, most people will try to balance the answer and try not to give a definite answer as they feel it might be a trap. Well, if the interviewer is someone who reads the questions from a sheet of paper and simply checks the answer, yes, it would be a trap.

Egypt: The possible instability ahead.

My answer would be simple: a dictator. Although most dictators end up being killed during/after a revolution, he does get his job done the way he wants it to be done and according to a plan made in advance. Usually, a dictator might rule for 5-10-20 years. That would be ok for me, for someone looking to move up the corporate ladder. If smart, a dictator would know when it is time to quit his old ways and reform the country to keep the power.

Look at Vladimir Putin. He rules the country with an iron hand, moving from the President to the Prime minister position in order to bypass the constitution. Nobody says that he is a dictator. Nobody would dare. But…

Thinking at the second option, the role model, I would say this would be useless. People might appreciate and admire a person for what he does and the way he does it, but might not necessarily do what he does.