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Getting entrepreneurial #1: the push

There comes a time in a person`s life when they get bored with everything they’ve ever done and start searching for the meaning of life. Most of them never find it because they are afraid to try new things.

In this post, I am speaking about entrepreneurship.

I`m sure that many persons have thought about opening up their own business and becoming successful entrepreneurs. But they get blocked. Not by lack of finances or by administrative procedures, but by their own minds.

You can`t find the idea you were searching for, even if, the other night, it was clearly explained in your head. You can`t remember the details about how to kick-start it…mainly because they are afraid of trying this and their minds and personalities block them.da9e65121dd5acc93e875dbb66dbb8df

I`ve written a post last year which has been long deleted. It referred to how a group of seemingly not linked people can find that one idea and start working on it.

For example, my UF6s colleagues. The backgrounds are extremely different….the studies they have, their work experience etc. But, with the right information on this, an idea would surely appear.