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H2020 SME Instrument: Funding for innovative business models

Due to the fact that I received quite a few questions on what can be funded in agriculture through the H2020 SME Instrument, I`m gonna give some details and try to answer some of the questions.

With about 20% of the questions on this topic, I’m talking about business models. Some people said that innovation in agriculture does not really exist outside multinationals. They said that the only innovations are, in fact, new business models and that these are hard to finance.images

Well, it`s not so hard.  DEFINITELY READ MORE

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Getting entrepreneurial #1: the push

There comes a time in a person`s life when they get bored with everything they’ve ever done and start searching for the meaning of life. Most of them never find it because they are afraid to try new things.

In this post, I am speaking about entrepreneurship.

I`m sure that many persons have thought about opening up their own business and becoming successful entrepreneurs. But they get blocked. Not by lack of finances or by administrative procedures, but by their own minds. Continue reading “Getting entrepreneurial #1: the push”

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Getting money for your start-up

You can’t start a new venture without funding. That is well-known. Many people reach out to family and friends, other to bank credits, entrepreneurial subsidies and business incubators. Of course, there’s also the crowdfunding option.

Here is where Horizon 2020 comes in. Google H2020 and you’ll find all the information you need. Here is where you can find the funding opportunities for your area of expertise: find your area. READ MORE IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN GETTING FUNDING!