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Irrelevant professional experience

I moved a lot between the private and the public sector, going from research to policy and consulting. This made my CV to look like it was bombarded.

After applying to a few research jobs and a discussion with a recruiter friend, I drew one conclusion: your CV doesn’t really matter.

By this, I mean that no recruiter (in a broad sense) will read your CV if you do not have those 2, 5 or more years of experience precisely in the field that he/she is looking for. For example, for a research job, if you didn’t work just in research, you don’t stand a chance. Continue reading “Irrelevant professional experience”

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Career counseling #16: Dictator or role model

I saw a few days ago an article on Facebook and, because the subject looked interesting, I clicked. The title said something like “the diabolical questions that CEO`s ask during interviews”.

You know already that there are thousands of articles like this online. But I read it anyway. These were actually questions from CEOs of startups or vice presidents in some multinationals I never heard of. I should have guessed.

But there was a question that was unique: “would you prefer to be God or the devil?”. The author didn’t mention any responses, but it was still intriguing.

In my opinion, during an interview, a question that I would ask would be: do you to be a dictator or a role model inside the team that you will lead?. As we all know, most people will try to balance the answer and try not to give a definite answer as they feel it might be a trap. Continue reading “Career counseling #16: Dictator or role model”

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Misconception #4: The imaginary friend

I was talking to a friend on Facebook a while ago about his dream job and what he would want to do. He told me that he hasn’t got the courage to do it because, he said, people will make fun of him, regardless if he will fail or not. He has a twisted view of the world, it seems.

A lot of people have the same problem. Since we were kids, parents and other children say to you that you are not the best, that there will always be someone smarter, faster or with a better education. In my opinion, this is not the way to educate your children or to support your friends.

For me, this was not the case. My mother and my grandparents always supported me to such extent that I thought I am perfect (not that today that isn’t the case anymore). But the most important was my imaginary friend. Although I was a shy kid (and I am still a little shy).quote-Lee-Ryan-i-still-have-imaginary-friends-who-i-211749

I had an imaginary friend who listened to every dream that I couldn’t share with anyone. I used to tell stories to my friends when I was little, but my imaginary friend was the one who loved them all. Continue reading “Misconception #4: The imaginary friend”

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Provisional results of the #HelpGreg effort to get him a job – Day 1

When I started this campaign, I assumed that some people will share the blog post or the tweets, Facebook posts etc. I was right, but, unfortunately, not as many as I expected.

This is just a caricature. He`s not the real Greg
This is just a caricature. He`s not the real Greg

Please continue to share this link on any social network (or through emails): #HelpGreg get a job. We need all the help we can get. Continue reading “Provisional results of the #HelpGreg effort to get him a job – Day 1”

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Let`s #HelpGreg get a job

I’ve written about Greg for more than a year now, about his education and experience, his advices to young people, but, mostly, about his struggles to find a new job.

He has been unemployed for almost a year and a half, even if he has a great resume and a lot of friends which could help him, but…

After weeks of debates, I have decided to ask you, my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn friends and blog readers, for your help in getting Greg a job...or, at least, job interviews. So, if you know someone that might be interested in Greg, let me know.

This is just a caricature. He`s not the real Greg
This is just a caricature. He`s not the real Greg

Now, let’s go through Greg‘s resume. Continue reading “Let`s #HelpGreg get a job”