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Misconception #4: The imaginary friend

I was talking to a friend on Facebook a while ago about his dream job and what he would want to do. He told me that he hasn’t got the courage to do it because, he said, people will make fun of him, regardless if he will fail or not. He has a twisted view of the world, it seems.

A lot of people have the same problem. Since we were kids, parents and other children say to you that you are not the best, that there will always be someone smarter, faster or with a better education. In my opinion, this is not the way to educate your children or to support your friends.

For me, this was not the case. My mother and my grandparents always supported me to such extent that I thought I am perfect (not that today that isn’t the case anymore). But the most important was my imaginary friend. Although I was a shy kid (and I am still a little shy).quote-Lee-Ryan-i-still-have-imaginary-friends-who-i-211749

I had an imaginary friend who listened to every dream that I couldn’t share with anyone. I used to tell stories to my friends when I was little, but my imaginary friend was the one who loved them all.

An imaginary friend is there for support. Nothing more…Let`s say that I would still have an imaginary friend. Let’s call him Greg. He would support me in everything and, when I would be too shy to do something, he would do it for me.

An imaginary friend does not make you crazy. People (grown-ups) with imaginary friends don`t walk on the streets speaking with no one and start yelling if they’re imaginary friend says something that gets them upset.

If you have imaginary friends…it`s ok.