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My personal (real bad) experience with CDiscount


What do you call someone who takes somebody`s money and doesn’t return it?  I would say embezzler.

What does someone gain from taking someone’s money and not giving it back (for a period hopefully)? If you just think of the interest, it`s enough. But you can also think of a higher profit declared (and the tax deductions that come from this) or that they can use that money for something else. I would call this fraud.

Here`s the story, with quite a few details.

Well, in November 2015, the baby was on the way. We were searching what to buy, from where, wanting to make sure that everything will be just right for when he comes.

That`s when we decide to buy a new washing machine, as ours is a couple of years old. CDiscount had the right price-quality offer. A Samsung washing machine at 400 Euros sounded like a good deal. On Amazon, the same model was at around 550 Euros. And, as a soon-to-be parent, every euro counts.

So we ordered the washing machine from CDiscount France. We got scared the first time when they said that it will take about one month for the washing machine. After we finalized the order, we saw that it was just 2 weeks. The washing machine was scheduled to be delivered on November 23rd (if I remember correctly).

Well, we were happy for just 3-4 days. We received an email saying that the delivery was cancelled and it will be done at a later date. There was no reason mentioned.

Anyway, the baby came on December 14th, Christmas came and we didn’t have the time to call them. At the beginning of January, we called (after searching for a number for about one week). We asked for a refund (in our bank account) and he said that we`ll received it in 72 hours. As you can imagine, we didn’t get it. We spoke in the following week with two other client service counsellors. The third one helped us. But he only transformed our money into a coupon.

We called a fourth time to get this mess sorted out. The guy told us that he will 72 hours we will get the money (he said). After a few days, I receive a notice that I have to send them a document from the bank. I did it in the same day.

We called a fifth and sixth time in the last two weeks. We still haven’t seen our time, although every counsellor told us that we’ll get in 72 hours.

We spoke with the seventh counsellor last Thursday. She said, again, that she took all steps necessary to receive our money, (last) Friday or early next week.

The complaint to the police (both French and Belgian) is almost ready. We are bringing it the finishing touches. I checked the law (France and Belgium) and, besides fraud and embezzlement), it also constitutes transnational (cross-border) crime. That is almost the equivalent of organized crime. I hope the Mafia won`t be jealous on CDIscount :D.

Also, we are looking into a lawsuit. We still want our money back, but…after three months of waiting, who knows…