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Irrelevant professional experience

I moved a lot between the private and the public sector, going from research to policy and consulting. This made my CV to look like it was bombarded.

After applying to a few research jobs and a discussion with a recruiter friend, I drew one conclusion: your CV doesn’t really matter.

By this, I mean that no recruiter (in a broad sense) will read your CV if you do not have those 2, 5 or more years of experience precisely in the field that he/she is looking for. For example, for a research job, if you didn’t work just in research, you don’t stand a chance.

Another drawback is that, if your last job, was not in that precise field (aka research), again, you don’t stand a chance.

After writing quite a few CV’s and motivation letters, I figured this out. Even if you have the perfect skills for the job and you explain this perfectly in your letter, when starting to read your CV, a recruiter will simply throw it away…especially a recruiter who is unfamiliar with the field.