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Career counselling #14: Should Greg still apply?

Greg has now 16 months since he`s been unemployed. He scoured the seven seas, searching for four-leafs clovers and ran after a leprechaun to kiss him. All these just to get a job.

He applied to highly specialized jobs for which he had the perfect resume and he was thinking of sales positions, teaching or any kind of other jobs that could bring him more money than his unemployment aid.

Credits: Shutterstock
Credits: Shutterstock

Greg applied to jobs all across the world. He had interviews in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and a few other countries. But now things get interesting. He had interviews for jobs for which he was a perfect match and jobs where he would have done a great job. Continue reading “Career counselling #14: Should Greg still apply?”

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Career counseling #13 : what to do when you`re rejected

Greg is back.

He is still job hunting, but things are improving. A couple of weeks ago, he gave computerized tests (logic, creative, personality, technical etc.) for a job in the public sector, as a director of … something. It`s a very long title in an institution with a very long name so I cannot say it even if I was trying to remember it.

Unfortunately, he failed those tests. He passed 31 of the 33 tests that he took. Yes…33 tests (in one day). It was a very long day for

He also had a job interview over Skype for a policy research position in the non-governmental sector. He had a few problems with the connection: his webcam didn`t work, the sound on his side wasn`t great. He couldn`t her perfectly some of the questions so he started rambling about things not related to it. Despite of these setbacks, Greg believed that the interview went great and he waited and waited (…and waited) for a response (negative or positive) and feedback on the interview. He didn`t receive it (so far). Continue reading “Career counseling #13 : what to do when you`re rejected”

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Career counseling #9: Greg`s offers

Another crossroad in the life of a graduate or that of an unemployed person is receiving the offer. You smile, scream and say that you`re saved.

But what happens when you receive two (or more) offers? In Greg`s case, the problem was that he had to choose between a well-paid, but meaningless, hateful job and a job that he would love, but with far less money. After months of receiving unemployment aid and barely able to surface, he had a very tough choice ahead.

Greg thought about it, weighing advantages and disadvantages, creating SWOTs and everything that a person who has a choice in front of it will do. READ MORE!

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Career counseling #7: what education can and cannot do for you

I have a good friend. Let`s call her Anna.

Anna got a few years ago her Bachelor degree in Public Administration. An interesting field of study, with even more interesting things to do after…if you don’t want to get a job in public administration. But let`s get back to the subject.

She had a few small jobs, nothing really related to what she studied. After a while of doing this, she decided that it`s time to emigrate and find something better, that “American dream” (but in Europe). Anna has been in that country for almost two years now.

She started studying the language and got pretty good at it, reaching an advanced level on the country`s own scale of evaluation. That`s what she did in her first year there. In her second year, Anna started studying at one of the country’s best universities. Right now, she`s taking her first exams there. HERE IS THE CATCH! READ MORE.

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Career counseling #4: Lisa

It`s 2015 and we`ve got a fresh start ahead.

For a first-in-the-year post, let`s take Lisa, Greg`s long lost love. I`m sure you all remember Greg.

Lisa majored in political science, with an emphasis on international relations. She hoped to get a job within the Parliament, a Ministry or something similar. She`s been unemployed since June 2013, when she graduated. In the past year and a half, she had some meaningless jobs, learned another language and thought about the future. She recently started a Masters` in political sciences abroad, with an emphasis on European affairs.

Lisa`s attitude, from my point of view, is one of denial. She thinks that, after her Master, she`ll get a job within a European institution and start of a fabulous career in politics. And here`s the punchline!