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Letter to myself

Dear … Me,

I “love” what you are doing with your life.

You`ve studied for about 20 years, out of which 8 years were in higher education.

You are continuously trying to learn new things ranging from ERP, TrackWise, GAMS, Photoshop and STATA to foreign languages and M&E frameworks.

You have worked, in total, 65 months in just 4 years, in all the areas related to your studies, from research and policy development to communications and project development, implementation and evaluation.

Giving a speech on global food security at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Giving a speech on global food security at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in 2014

You`ve started volunteering for different organizations and projects when you were 15 and you’re still doing that.

You have visited a big number of countries, meet a huge amount of people around the world and grown a network of contacts like you have never dreamed of when you were younger. You know heads of multinationals, NGOs, international organizations, universities and national academies, and you keep meeting interesting people each day of your life.

But after a careful review of your life, I regret to inform you that everything you did and do has no importance in the eyes of others.

All your connections are not interested or willing in helping you when you are searching for a job.

Your experience in every area of agriculture is one of the reasons why your CV is turned down by companies and rejected by recruitment software.

Your volunteering is no longer of interest to anyone after it has been proven that you volunteer for everything.

Your self-taught skills and abilities are not documented and they have no direct relevance to your field.

Your education in agriculture is no longer relevant as you are trying to enter into more niche areas of the field.

Although you certainly have an interesting CV, I am not shortlisting you for anything new.

I wish you every personal and professional success in the future, and thank you again for your interest in improving yourself and your life. We hope to talk again soon.

Best wishes,


2 thoughts on “Letter to myself

  1. One of the best articles. 🙂 and I’m really sorry for you. It seems there are still people/companieswho are afraid to hire inteligent, multi-tasking young people. I’m guessing they prefer, mediocre employees, whom they can easily control. Keep u’re faith. Good things will happen to U, dear. 😉


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