Dealing with epilepsy

Short essay on humanity – epilepsy

Humanity today is regressing. Our views of the world are more limited than ever.  Although new technologies to connect each other emerge every year and every day, our minds are more closed.

We live in a world that punishes those who are different. A person with epilepsy is brought under the microscope, but the lenses are never changed. Our views of those with epilepsy are blurred by opinions from the past.

We live in a world that punishes those who are different. A person with epilepsy often hides his/her condition from friends and colleagues in hope to not be treated differently. The “white-glove” treatment is like pity thrown in our eyes. Continue reading “Short essay on humanity – epilepsy”

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Humanity`s motivator

In the past few days, I`ve been working on a project and I couldn`t figure out one thing, one small thing that I did before tens of times. I tried to get motivated, listening to the music which usually picks me up. I also tried several other methods.

I love patterns. I enjoy finding them and I used them in my work before. Identifying them is easy enough if you are not looking for something in particular. You will simply notice them. READ MORE IF YOU WANT TO FIND THE ANSWER

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Letter to myself

Dear … Me,

I “love” what you are doing with your life.

You`ve studied for about 20 years, out of which 8 years were in higher education.

You are continuously trying to learn new things ranging from ERP, TrackWise, GAMS, Photoshop and STATA to foreign languages and M&E frameworks. Continue reading “Letter to myself”

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What I`ll do next!

I have no idea what I`ll do next. All my life I`ve studied and worked in agriculture-related fields. I went to a high school we`re I specialized as an agricultural technician; I followed up on that with a B.Sc. in Agronomy that helped me become an agronomist. I also did a M.Sc. and a PhD, both in agronomy and agricultural management. None of these was something I loved to do. Once I started, inertia made me carry on.

I moved from private consulting to public advisory, from policy monitoring to research. I liked what I was doing, but it didn`t seem enough. I always did something on the side: a blog, being member of a NGO, evaluating projects or translating articles.
But wait, there’s more!

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Short essay on humanity – part 2

We are the ones who live beyond what the imagination of those before us could have only foreseen. We consider that we are able to conquer anything because we believe we are capable to create the future…and we can. But sometimes the future we imagine is not what we want to create.

We have endless possibilities from which to choose, but we still cannot make up our minds. It seems that we want to let others decide for us and this is very vicious circle. Only we should choose our future in a world with more “evil under the sun” than we can imagine. SEE HOW HUMANITY IS LIKE!