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Short essay on humanity – part 2

We are the ones who live beyond what the imagination of those before us could have only foreseen. We consider that we are able to conquer anything because we believe we are capable to create the future…and we can. But sometimes the future we imagine is not what we want to create.

We have endless possibilities from which to choose, but we still cannot make up our minds. It seems that we want to let others decide for us and this is very vicious circle. Only we should choose our future in a world with more “evil under the sun” than we can imagine.

We want to make others think that what we’ve decided for ourselves is good for them too. The vicious circle appears again, but its consequences are worse this time. Our options disappear so do our choices.

200608022We do what our heart desires. Our mind is close second, but it cannot make our decisions for us. Combining the two would make us choose wiser, but we do not care about what is better for the future. The “here and now” is the only option we consider.

We shouldn’t consider that we are above all other. Many other species have gone extinct before us and others will after us. Even if we consider ourselves rational beings, it does not mean that we are. We destroy all others because we want a better future for us.

We wouldn’t have lived so far if others before us would have thought only about themselves. Others imagined the future as a better life for the kids and not for themselves. They create their future from images of robots serving, flying cars and wealth for all. But they did not want to live in that future because it wasn`t meant for them.

We haven`t got the power to decide what is good or bad for others so we should not try. We can only guide others through their lives and consider that only they are the masters of their future. But we don’t want to let them decide.

We don`t considering creating our future because we’ve been told that it is already created by others, by higher beings that don`t consider our options, beings what only do what is good for us. What others see and think it is good for us is not always visible. We may or we may not let anyone see what our souls and minds desire and what is trapped inside them. If we unleash it upon the world, then and only then we can create our future and others will not try.