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#GettingPersonal: past or future decisions

There comes a time in a person`s life when he realizes that they totally screwed up a decision in the past. And that decision haunts him now. There are two ways in which a normal person reacts.

1. “The past is the past” – this is the most common. People say that a decision in the past cannot be changed so we now live in the present and look only towards the future.

2. “I don’t care” – this is the new style way. I took the decision, I don’t care anymore about it or if it was good or bad. DEFINITELY READ MORE!

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Short essay on humanity – part 2

We are the ones who live beyond what the imagination of those before us could have only foreseen. We consider that we are able to conquer anything because we believe we are capable to create the future…and we can. But sometimes the future we imagine is not what we want to create.

We have endless possibilities from which to choose, but we still cannot make up our minds. It seems that we want to let others decide for us and this is very vicious circle. Only we should choose our future in a world with more “evil under the sun” than we can imagine. SEE HOW HUMANITY IS LIKE!

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Short essay on humanity

Humanity today is regressing. Whatever steps we take forward, they take us back as human beings.

We live in a world that, although it has borders, it is limitless. People can travel anywhere, see anything, experience every feeling that ever existed, but we are not satisfied. We try to impose borders on ourselves, we fight today to be recognized as not belonging to “their community”, to be labeled as part of a smaller group. We fight today to impose limits to a world in which yesterday people have fought so that it didn`t have any. And we applauded them. Continue reading “Short essay on humanity”