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Humanity`s motivator

In the past few days, I`ve been working on a project and I couldn`t figure out one thing, one small thing that I did before tens of times. I tried to get motivated, listening to the music which usually picks me up. I also tried several other methods.

I love patterns. I enjoy finding them and I used them in my work before. Identifying them is easy enough if you are not looking for something in particular. You will simply notice them.

One things that keeps popping  in my mind is what is humanity`s greatest motivator. It`s actually a simple answer: anger.angry-country-david-fitzsimmons-the-arizona-star

It is not love, fear, the sense of community or anything else. It`s anger at both an individual, as well as global level.

Look at Germany in the 30s and 40s. People did everything they did out of anger. It was depression and alternatives had to be found. Fear transformed into anger and anger was the motivator behind something hateful.

Look at the refugee crisis now….and wait.

Look at your personal and/or professional life. How many times did anger pushed you in doing something? Positive or negative, it doesn`t matter.

Because it`s my personal blog, I`m coming back to me.

This morning, despite all the music and things I looked at or I read (like Chaplin`s speech in The Great Dictator), the thing that made me solve the problem was anger, the anger of not being able to find the answer.

But it should not be triggered by you, it should not be something planned.