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Humanity`s motivator

In the past few days, I`ve been working on a project and I couldn`t figure out one thing, one small thing that I did before tens of times. I tried to get motivated, listening to the music which usually picks me up. I also tried several other methods.

I love patterns. I enjoy finding them and I used them in my work before. Identifying them is easy enough if you are not looking for something in particular. You will simply notice them. READ MORE IF YOU WANT TO FIND THE ANSWER

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Career counseling #11: No option (what to do when you`re unemployed for years)

Greg has a friend called James. After a great start in his career and with a great education, James suddenly lost his job (last year) and is currently on unemployment aid.

He has searched for something for over six months, but, because he`s too pretentious, he hasn’t found anything. He is now searching jobs simpler and paid less than his previous one. He took out things from his resume.

James doesn’t know where to search anymore.

What you should do if you have been unemployed for a long period (months, years) is to find an alternative. HOW TO FIND THE ALTERNATIVE?