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Video-EEG, refractory epilepsy and more seizures than usual

I haven’t written a post in quite a while here, but that’s because strange things have happened.

While before, I was having 3-4 seizures per year, 2017 started with a blast. I have 4 on January 9th, followed by seizures March -> one on March 4th and 5 more on March 26th. It was a game changer.

I was on Lamictal and Vimpat at the time and my neurologist, after my the 4th of March seizures decided to increase my dose of Vimpat (via phone and email). He considered that the balance between the two drugs was off. That really didn’t work as a couple of week later, I had 5 more seizures. Continue reading “Video-EEG, refractory epilepsy and more seizures than usual”


Guest bloggers invited to write about #epilepsy

I started writing my first blog back in 2003 using a Tripod (Lycos) hosted free website. It looked awful. It counted 3 articles. I abandoned it quickly. Afterwards, I had other tries, none with more success. I moved around from Blogger to WordPress and another few platform just to get the feel of it.

Now I am happy to say that I reached my 500 blog post :).

So, for each hundred, I am inviting guest bloggers to write articles on anything related to epilepsy. No charges, no nothing. I will edit the blog post in case any inappropriate language is used or that the article is pure publicity.

Email me at to get in touch if you want to write a guest blog post.


Party animal

I have never been a “party animal“. Actually, if I look back, I’ve been to less than 10 parties in my entire life, and I’m 32 years old.

But the discussion is about what is generally perceived as “party animal“. I would say that a “party animal” doesn’t. There are just people enjoying life. If it’s the right way to do it or not, that is not my decision.

Other (non-epileptic) people would say that those persons staying up night after night dancing and drinking from dusk ’til dawn are real party animals. Continue reading “Party animal”


Epilepsy and employment

In relation with my earlier post called “Epilepsy at work sucks“, I got a weird message from a recruiter I once met. It wasn’t a “professional encounter” (aka interview).

He mentioned that, in some countries, it is indeed illegal to ask, in any form, if a person has a chronic disease/disorder. But, in most European countries, there is a practice to ask if “you are a person with a disability” and if you need special assistance for participating in tests/interviews. They actually give a very comprehensive list of diseases/disorders to “choose from“. The list includes epilepsy too. Continue reading “Epilepsy and employment”

Blog · Dealing with epilepsy

Epilepsy at work sucks

I had many jobs and my CV looks like that of a teenager that worked flipping burgers each summer for some extra cash (except that my jobs didn’t involve burgers).

I wrote before about the only seizure I had at work and how co-workers reacted. That was great.

But, in general, there is a problem, either when having an interview or a few months after the employment. I experienced both. Continue reading “Epilepsy at work sucks”