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Stupid questions about epilepsy from people without epilepsy

In 2020, I received quite a few messages from people with epilepsy asking about side effects of meds, what kind of seizures I have or how do I handle stress, among other.

But, at the same time, I received questions from people without epilepsy: friends, family, teachers of those with epilepsy. While 90% of the questions were right on the point, the rest was, quite frankly, extremely stupid. Here is my top 3 selection:

  1. Is epilepsy transmittable? Answer: it was an exchange of three emails -> by transmittable, the guy (USA) meant something like COVID, not genetically. He actually got angry when I said “NO” because that’s the reason why he fired someone. I hope they go to court this year because of this.
  2. If I drink alcohol and have sex with my boyfriend, will the alcohol in me cause him a seizure? I like to drink. Answer: No. Neither alcohol nor stupidity can be shared through sex.
  3. Can a brain transplant be done to cure epilepsy? Answer: honestly, this was the only message received last year to which I didn’t respond.

Send messages or emails and you’ll get an answer from my personal experience. But strangers beware, sarcasm is a possibility.

3 thoughts on “Stupid questions about epilepsy from people without epilepsy

  1. Some people are too lazy to search for a few related terms on the Internet before asking questions. just try to ignore them and free your mind. You have been fighting so hard against epilepsy, don’t waste your strength and dedication in the nonsense.


  2. I would say “fighting against epilepsy”, but thanks.

    Honestly, I think that people ask questions because it’s easier and at hand + the answers come from someone who already researched a lot about the topic. Well, I think it’s laziness too, but I was trying to convince myself otherwise.


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