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Electric Saturday

Today is the 25th of March 2018, a Sunday. Things are their usually weird.


Two weeks ago, a Saturday, the 10th of March 2018, things were really, extremely weird. I was out shopping together with my wife a little boy (2 years old and growing) in Zara. Looked at some clothes and shoes for the kid, bought something and took the elevator down to leave the store and counting our shopping elsewhere.

In the elevator, I fell a sudden shock….like I was electrocuted…and dropped my back. My wife got scared and the kid was looking at me….like…. “say what?!?”.

Usually, this happens before a seizure, either an immediate one or one that will come pretty soon. I went home and nothing happen. My wife went to buy some food as I was dozing off to get some rest (the night before wasn’t really restful).

Throughout the day, I felt more and more shocks like that…something like twice or three times per hour, even more in the afternoon and evening. At around 8-9 PM, I went to bed…and the next day, nothing. I didn’t have a seizure, I didn’t get those electric shock anymore….as I said, nothing.

Wondering what was that. I didn’t email to my neurologist immediately, as I should have done an as my wife advised me to do. Probably, I’ll write to him next week if I don’t forget.



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