Dealing with epilepsy

Some people are idiots, crazy, weird and more

This last guest post is not really a post. It came from a conversation (on Facebook) I had two weeks ago with someone from Orlando, Florida. His name is Walter.

Walter said that he doesn’t have epilepsy and neither does anyone he knows, unless they are hiding it from him. For me, the last statement sounded weird, so I asked more details.

Walter said that people with epilepsy should be ashamed because they have it, because “they are scaring people on the streets, in cinemas, everywhere” (direct quote). Again, I asked for details. This is when I realized he’s a bigot. Walter said that “epileptics are directly responsible for their disease” because “they don’t believe in God and, if they believe, than it’s not the right God, for sure“. Continue reading “Some people are idiots, crazy, weird and more”

Dealing with epilepsy · Not too personal

World Economic Forum, epilepsy and dealing with it

I was reading this morning one of David Nabarro’s reflections: HERE. It’s about chronic or non-communicable diseases, NCD’s in the eyes of the WHO. I haven’t seen any mention about epilepsy anywhere so I decided to dig deeper.

As the World Economic Forum is taking place these days and the hot subject is the “middle class”, there are many mentions regarding health in the discussions. No mention of idiopathic diseases, neurological disorders and more like this.

I know that epilepsy is not as “cool” like HIV, cancer, diabetes, polio. But really, not even one mention?!? Continue reading “World Economic Forum, epilepsy and dealing with it”

Dealing with epilepsy

Short essay on humanity – epilepsy

Humanity today is regressing. Our views of the world are more limited than ever.  Although new technologies to connect each other emerge every year and every day, our minds are more closed.

We live in a world that punishes those who are different. A person with epilepsy is brought under the microscope, but the lenses are never changed. Our views of those with epilepsy are blurred by opinions from the past.

We live in a world that punishes those who are different. A person with epilepsy often hides his/her condition from friends and colleagues in hope to not be treated differently. The “white-glove” treatment is like pity thrown in our eyes. Continue reading “Short essay on humanity – epilepsy”

Dealing with epilepsy

[Guest post #4] Infertility and in-vitro

This blog post comes from Switzerland, written by Martine. I love the diversity of people reading my blog and of those wanting to write. One more guest blog post available. Enjoy!

I am Swiss national, but I am born in France and have lived for many, many years in various countries around the world (work reasons). After getting married 11 years ago, my husband and I tried to have a baby. Many attempts later (3 years later) and a (more permanent) move to France, we decided to get tested for fertility.¬† Continue reading “[Guest post #4] Infertility and in-vitro”

Dealing with epilepsy

[Guest post #3]: I am a drug trafficker

The third guest post comes directly from Germany from Janis. Enjoy!

I was travelling from Bruxelles to New York for a short vacation in the US. As Germany is part of the Visa Waiver Program, I only applied for an ESTA online, without seeking additional info from the embassy.

That was my mistake, I admit it. I only checked a few website, the FDA’s in particular. I followed all instructions: getting a letter in English from the doctor etc.

Arriving in New York was “interesting”: after waiting for the bags, I was “kindly” asked by the Border patrol to come to their office for extra inquiries. This is when I started freaking out. Arriving there, I was submitted to a 2-hours long discussion regarding my meds. Read more for some really interesting stuff!