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The “No way out” line you get at the beginning

There are two types of reactions from doctors when you’re newly diagnosed and three types of reactions from people with epilepsy.

People would epilepsy can be split into the “don’t give a f*ck, I’ll do what I want” and the “I need to close myself into a closet made of pillows to not get hurt”. Plus there are those that make Google richer: searching non-stop for info about epilepsy: causes, triggers, treatment, online chats, epilepsy fellowships to colleges (yes, these exist in some countries), etc.

Doctors can either try to comfort you or simply tell you what you have and show you the door.

I would like to speak about the second category.

I heard recently about a newly diagnosed man, in his 20s. The neurologist who gave him the news simply told him “You have epilepsy. There’s no way out of it“. I heard it multiple times from different doctors and, in the end, I didn’t give a s*it about it.

I will give the doctor the benefit of the doubt: s/he was tired/sick/angry (for something else) etc. We are all people and understand when someone goes through issues like that. But really…in the end, we are all people as I wrote over and over again and should care about others.

To share a thought: would you go to someone that just lost a leg and say “get over it” or to someone just diagnosed with cancer and say “there’s no way out”?