What I am missing on: the dating life of a person with epilepsy

It’s been over a year since I posted last.

In the past year, I started a new (part-time) job, still working on the old one (so working 170% of a “normal” person’s time) and trying to get a personal life. This seems overwhelming from where I stand and invisible for those outside.

My dating/personal life: so I’ve been trying Tinder and Bumble for a while, but quit it mid-2021 because, well, they both suck. Had a few dates, met some interesting people, but didn’t connect with anyone.

My dating/work life: well, paying rent and eating is expensive, apparently, and you actually have to have money. So, as I said, 170% of the time. Financially, it is worth it and … I actually get to eat.

My personal life: gaining some “quarantine” weight seems to have been normal last year. For me, it seems that it was normal also. Unfortunately, for me, it meant about 20+ kilos of quarantine weight. I need to drop those before I feel comfortable starting dating.

What’s your secret in dealing with dating?