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Lance Fogan

A few days ago, I followed Lance Fogan on Twitter (@lance_fogan) and he followed back.

For those that don’t know the name yet, Lance is a neurology professor at UCLA and, most importantly, one of the only authors who publish a novel focusing on epilepsy. The novel is called “Dings“.

I admit, I didn’t read the book. It is a little out of my reach today ($15 on or 15 £) and I don’t use a Kindle. I have an iPad instead.

But going through the excerpts found of Lance Fogan’s website, I have to say that it captures life with epilepsy, but only from the point of view of the parents. It’s still missing that “je ne sais quoi” of an epileptic’s life, but I’m sure that either Dr. Fogan or someone else will capture it more precisely.

Until then, enjoy the read if you decide to buy the book.

P.S.: NO, this is not paid content. I’m expressing my point of view.