Dealing with epilepsy

EEGs, MRIs and other stuff like that

My epilepsy was diagnosed on the basis of a few blood tests and a 15 minutes EEG. This was back in 2000 when imagery in Romania was not really advanced and it was extremely expensive.

Over the years, I had a few more EEGs, a few more blood tests and a CT back in 2009. Finally, in 2011, I afforded to get an MRI (with contrast agent). I was employed for 3 years and had a PhD scholarship.

The MRI revealed almost nothing, except for a small scratch on the left side of my brain. I have no idea in which region precisely as the neurologist didn’t really explained it to me.

Because she didn’t explain and I didn’t understand, I emailed the MRI to various famed epileptologists around the world. Those who answered (about 5% of them) told me the same thing: the quality of the video is too bad to give a precise diagnosis (+ that I should make an appointment with them).

After I moved to Belgium, I had another MRI and another EEG (during sleep and wakefulness) which actually revealed the same thing (the scratch) and a little change in course (EEG) on the left side of the brain.

I’ll get another (full) EEG in November before my doctor’s appointment. I’m looking forward in seeing what that will shows.

But, until then, I’m sharing my first MRI on this blog. You can find the ax T1W+C FFE part of the MRI below.