Dealing with epilepsy

My auras and how I’m controlling seizures with them

I have heard and read about auras about 10 years ago when I really started documenting myself on epilepsy. I saw that, unofficially, it’s considered as a preamble for a seizure.

I never had one (or didn’t notice them) until a couple of years ago. Before a seizure, I suddenly got a shiver and a jerk in my left arm. After that, I woke up on the bathroom floor with my wife holding my head.

After that, it happened once more with the same outcome.

But, then, something else happened.

Sudden dizziness, jerk in my left arm, a one second (ice pick) headache – that is when I tried to control/prevent having a seizure. I grabbed the nearest thing around me (kitchen table), leaned against it and tried to relax my mind (meaning: to empty it).

It was something like out of the movies, the ones with mind control or aliens (more a Star Trek or X-Men than Star wars).

After this, it happened several more times. A few times they prevented seizures, other times they didn’t.

I’m still working on my self-control and looking for ways to better notice auras if they appear.