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My deja-vus and what they really are to me

Déjà-vu literally means “already seen“. There are moments in life when a person has the impression that what they do, see, hear already happened before. Usually, it’s just an impression.

Scientific explanation for déjà vu: there is a split-second delay in transferring information from one side of the brain to the other. One side of the brain would then get the information twice – once directly, and once from the ‘in charge’ side. So the person would sense that the event had happened before.

This is very plausible, but sometimes the deja-vu doesn’t last for 1-2 seconds. It can last for 10-20-30 seconds which, if your brain isn’t really damaged, cannot be explained (in my opinion).

To give an example: a boy is staying with his grandparents (each weekend and each school break) because it’s more fun there. His father is in the hospital for some examinations and his mother and sister are at home. Suddenly, they both come in (mother and sister I mean) to give him the news that his father died in the hospital. From when the door opened until he get the news, 20-30 seconds (minimum) past. But the boy has the feeling that he saw the same scene before: with the door opening, his mother’s speech and so on.

This is a déjà-vu. I am wondering how can science explain this.

For me, déjà-vus exist and I strongly believe there is a way in which they can be explained.

If you believe in God, you will say that it’s his work. If you don’t believe, you will probably say that there is a scientific explanation that we have not yet obtained.

If you neither believe or disbelieve God exist, you will probably search for the proof. I fall in the last category. I call myself “agnostic” meaning that proof must exist to prove something.