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How can I help you today?

Despite what everyone is saying, that I shouldn`t give free advice/help anymore and that I should try to sell myself better, I decided to offer my help to anyone in need for FREE.

My inspiration comes from reading (partially until now) the book of Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn co-founder) called “The Start-up of You“. By reading this, I came to the conclusion that what has defined me over the years wasn`t my knowledge of a field or another, wasn`t my degrees or different skills, but, in fact, it was my interaction with people. I have always loved to help everyone, never saying “no” to a friend needing help or asking a question.

I will try to give answers and solutions to everyone who posts a question (as a comment to this article). If I can`t help, I will at least try to find the answer together with you. Everyone is welcome to ask questions, post comments and try to help each other. away :)!

P.S.: Please share, tweet, re-blog so that as many people as possible learn about this “opportunity”.

Photo credits: (via Reid Hoffman)
Photo credits: (via Reid Hoffman)

18 thoughts on “How can I help you today?

  1. It’s true. Codrin helped me just this morning. And I share his sentiments. I too, am always willing to help my fellow colleagues. it is only through mutual support that we will all get ahead and succeed.


  2. It was a pleasure to help you with your study on youth empowerment in agriculture, Keron. That`s very important work you are doing and it was an honor that I could “chip in” :-).


  3. How do we ensure that the answer we find or are looking for is the right one? There are so many organizations in this world trying to solve problems with ineffective or wrong solutions, and many times bad aid is worse than no aid- impacting the community it’s serving in negative ways. How do we decide what solution is best and what makes us qualified to answer that question?


  4. Hi Hannah,

    In entrepreneurship there is a concept called “intelligent risk calculation”. Applied to life in general, this concept would state something like this: “it is better to try and fail, than to never try at all” (as the saying goes). From every step we take, we learn something. Even if the solution to a problem is wrong, we learn something. That is why the best process, especially at community level, involves calculating the risk in a smart way.
    For example, if a local community (rural or urban) has the option to build a bridge over a river they are presented with two alternatives: to do it or not to do it. One risk if they choose to do it will be the increased traffic incoming through the community that woul disrupt the daily life. A risk in the other case would be the lack of infrastructure. Depending on which do they care more about, they have the option to choose the alternative with the smaller risk.

    How do we decide what the best solution is? By calculating and taking risk…There is no other way.
    What makes us qualified to answer “that” question? For community development, you are qualified to give solutions to problems after a thorough analysis of the problem. You can`t go in a local community and try to apply similar solutions from other communities. Each community(village, town, city, metropolis etc.) has its own problems, resources, infrastructure, people and its own way of solving things.


  5. Hello Codrin, thank you for initiating this idea. Right, I used to insert photo slide shows within my blog posts as per this link indicate At this moment, it is hard for me to do the same as there were some changes made within the wordpress platform. May I know how I can still have the photo slide shows inserted within the blog posts on the wordpress. Thank you


  6. Hi Robert,

    Adding a picture slideshow to a blog is easy if you follow this simple steps:
    1. Create new post or page. Be sure to add a title and save as draft before adding slideshow.
    2. Click “Add Media” on the top left corner of your “kitchen sink”.
    3. In the new window that appears, click “Create Gallery”.
    4. Now you have the option of either uploading pictures from your computer to the slideshow or adding pictures that are already in your blog`s “Media Gallery” to it. Choose what option suits you best and let move on to the next step.
    5.Once you have finished uploading/selecting the images you want for your slideshow, click on the right bottom corner of the window “Create new gallery”. This will create your image gallery for the slideshow and lead you to the gallery editing option from where you can create the slideshow.
    6. In the “Edit Gallery” step you can add Titles, Captions, Descriptions for each image in the slideshow. In this step, by “dragging and dropping” the images you can order them in which way you like or you can choose to click the “Random Order” box on the right. Please make sure to choose in the Type section “Slideshow” .
    7. After you are finished editing all images and have clicked “Slideshow” in the Type section, click “Insert gallery” in the right bottom corner. This will insert the slideshow into your post or page.

    I hope this explanation is clear and that it helps you. Let me know if I can help you with anything else.


  7. Hi Codrin,

    I am a new upcoming farmer, @age 32. I am in IT field but i realy have a passion for Agriculture. Please help me, i need a suitable partner in PIG production/Management. I partner i can work with to develop the business i have already started. I have 1 sow and 11 piglets, i am currently feeding my pigs off the shelf feed and its some kind of Expensive. If i have a partner, we will be able to put the brains together and help each other to give direction to a business.

    I am ready to do businees 100 % online with any suitable partner as i am online almost 24/7 – or a local partner in my home town.

    How can you hook me with one?



  8. Hi Charles,

    From what I see, you are from Lusaka, Zambia (correct me if I am wrong). As you are at just the start-up phase of your business, finding a business partner might be difficult (but not impossible). What you need to do in order to make your business “interesting” for partners (no one would partner with an expensive business). You should first tap into the knowledge of others in the field by connecting and networking with senior professionals. This way you will gay information on cheaper and more effective ways to feed your pigs, ways to uphold export standards (if you are thinking of exporting your products) and many other things.
    As you said you are online 24/7, the first place you should go for such information is LinkedIn. Here are a few of the most active groups in Pig farming:

    Join these groups and start discussions. Ask for specific advice such as “what is the most efficient way of feeding pigs in a certain race” or “how to market pig products in Africa/Zambia”. Connect with the members of these groups (see the Members list in each group) and see who is from your country and your region. Perhaps someone else is looking for a partner to expand his/her business and your interests can then merge.


  9. Dear Codrin, i am so much interested in reading and schooling ,last year i was admitted to university for my masters in Social sector planning and management at Makerere University but fell out after my first semester due to lack of tution.I really want to join back in the august semester, is there anyone you know of who can help me?


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