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Despite what everyone is saying, that I shouldn`t give free advice/help anymore and that I should try to sell myself better, I decided to offer my help to anyone in need for FREE.

My inspiration comes from reading (partially until now) the book of Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn co-founder) called “The Start-up of You“. By reading this, I came to the conclusion that what has defined me over the years wasn`t my knowledge of a field or another, wasn`t my degrees or different skills, but, in fact, it was my interaction with people. I have always loved to help everyone, never saying “no” to a friend needing help or asking a question.

I will try to give answers and solutions to everyone who posts a question (as a comment to this article). If I can`t help, I will at least try to find the answer together with you. Everyone is welcome to ask questions, post comments and try to help each other. So..fire away :)!

P.S.: Please share, tweet, re-blog so that as many people as possible learn about this “opportunity”.

Photo credits: BusinessInsider.com (via Reid Hoffman)

Photo credits: BusinessInsider.com (via Reid Hoffman)